Holy Cross

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Holy Cross neighborhood lies Just east of downtown on Washington Boulevard -- 1400-1500 East -- and north on North Arsenal. Park on the street.


Irvington offers a variety of restaurants from fine dining to pizza to brewpub in a shopping mall at 5600 E. Washington, Legend – 5614 E. Washington St, Jockamo – 5646 E Washington St


GetGo Gas, 5061 E Washington, Speedway, 5103 E. Washington St

Damien Center -- the start of the Holy Cross neighborhood walking tour

Start & Sights

  1. Damien Center - 26 North Arsenal Avenue, 1914  Italianate
  2. John Holtzman House - 132 North Arsenal Avenue, 1864 Gable Front
  3. Mathias Dreher House - 227 North Arsenal Avenue, 1873 Queen Anne
  4. 225 North Arsenal Avenue, 1890 Italianate
  5. YMCA Baseball Fields and Athletic Park - 230 North Arsenal Avenue. The home at 230 North Arsenal Avenue marks the former entrance of the Baseball Fields and Athletic Park.  
  6. The Church of the Holy Cross - 1401 East Ohio Street, 1896 Neoclassical Key
  7. Northeast Corner of Ohio and Oriental Streets - 1402 East Ohio Street. This empty lot at the northeast corner of Ohio and Oriental Streets used to be the location of a small grocery store.
  8. Outlaws Motorcycle Club - 1208 East Ohio Street,  Queen Anne 
  9. Highland Park - 110 East New York Street 
  10. Former Anheuser-Busch Brewing Association Distribution - 920-924 East Ohio Street, 1891 Neoclassical 
  11. Ohio Street and the Interstate .The Interstate (I65/70) has changed the landscape in this portion of the neighborhood.  
  12. Angie's List - Cruse, Pine, & E. Washington Streets.  Angie's List has done a great renovation of historic buildings for office space along Cruse Street, Pine Street, and East Washington Streets 
  13. Fire Station - 1031 East Washington Street. The firehouse was also part of the Angie's List properties. This historic building was converted into the "front door" for Angie's List visitors.
  14. Former Neuronhurst - 1400 East Market Street, c. 1880s Federal and Second Empire 
  15. Washington Irving School #14 - 1250 East Market Street. The original building for the Washington Irving School #14 was built in 1880's and faced Ohio street. 
  16. Byrne Court Apartments - 1411 East Market Street, 1989 Tudor Revival 
  17. Indianapolis Liederkranz - 1417 East Washington Street, 1912 Tudor Revival 
  18. Former Ford Motor Company Assembly Plant - 1315 East Washington Street, 1914 Colonial Revival 
  19. Dr. Kerr’s Private Sanitarium - 1307 East Washington Street, c. 1915 Italianate Key 
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