Garfield Park

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Garfield Park is on the near Southside of the city between South Meridian and I-65 between Raymond Street and Southern Avenue. Park in the Conservatory lot.

Greiner's, 2126 Shelby St, Shapiro's Delicatessen, 808 S Meridian St, Downtown Indianapolis has a variety of dining options.
Speedway, 2053 Shelby St, Raymond Ave BP, 1055 E Raymond St, BP, 1055 E Raymond St, Speedway, 4743 W 16th St, Speedway, 401 Kentucky Ave

Garfield Park Conservatory -- the start of the HUNI Garfield Park walking tour

Tour Start & Sights

  1. Garfield Park Conservatory - 2505 Conservatory Drive, 1913
  2. Garfield Park Library - 2502 Shelby Street, 1965 Contemporary
  3. Garfield Terrace Apartments- 1112 Finley Avenue, 1923 Colonial Revival
  4. 2364 Shelby Street, c. 1900s Single Pen
  5. 1026 East Garfield Drive, 1914 American Foursquare 
  6. Faith Temple Pentecostal Church - 1002 East Garfield Park, 1951 NeoClassical 
  7. 968 East Garfield Drive, c. 1900s Craftsman 
  8. 965 East Bradbury Avenue, c.1900s Craftsman 
  9. 1002 East Bradbury Avenue,1940 Tudor Revival 
  10. 961 Hervey Street, 1923 Craftsman 
  11. James W. Hervey Home - 945 Hervey Street, 1916 Gable Front
  12. South Garfield Drive. As the neighborhood flourished many prominent lawyers, business people, and doctors built their homes along East Garfield Drive.
  13. Cannonball Baker House - 902 East Garfield Drive, 1925 Craftsman 
  14. Garfield Park Amenities. On the hill past the parking lot, the Garfield Park Arts Center, site of art and other cultural classes and constant art exhibits and entertainment.
  15. Former Site of Civil War Monument, 1912. This monument lists the names of the 1,616 Confederate soldiers who died in captivity at Camp Morton and whose bodies were not returned home to their families. 
  16. Charles Yoke Home - 869 Southern Avenue, 1865 Neoclassical 
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